Camiel Fortgens X bea1991 Collab 31/03/17 Amsterdam

Camiel Fortgens and bea1991 invite us to their home turf for the night; an old service station in the west part of Amsterdam, where the designer and singer present their newest collaboration.

When we arrive there is smoke coming from the big garage doors. A smoke machine is filling up the space with smoldering clouds. On one of the bare walls, a slide projector shows an orange T-shirt with legs, wondering through a forest. Camiel and Beatrice are still running around, fixing the last things for the party. “Do you think we have enough beer?”

Camiel Fortgens has been labeled as one of the rising talents in fashion; his designs are of a strange kind of familiarity, like he is mocking the simplicity of the shapes we all know; T-shirts, pants, dresses. Ten of his newest designs are dangling from the ceiling on iron coat hangers.

With every item comes a fresh track from the unreleased EP of bea1991. The Amsterdam -based musician makes ethereal pop that is sleepy and sensual at the same time, and got noticed by the big guys; from the Guardian ‘till Rolling Stones.

For now, slow burning house music is blasting from the speakers as people are slowly starting to fill up the room. Looks like we need more beers.











Words by Anne Dirks

Photography by Laila Cohen


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