Love Notes #12 Series by Lisa Goudsmit & Laila Cohen

We love our fashion. Noted. 

Welcome to the second series of Love Notes. These visual and textual odes put our favourite looks for fall-winter 2017/18 in the spotlight. The sweater we want to live in, the bag we want to marry and that perfect crispy-white blouse for example. These Love Notes are made with love by fashion writer Lisa Goudsmit and photographer Laila Cohen, in collaboration with stylist Suuz Bisschops, make-up artist Yo-kaw Pat, hair stylist Blanca Eppinga and models Ayesha and PanjuaThis series of Love Notes is also a co-operation with fashion boutique Moise in Amsterdam. Read our interview with founder Monique de Randamie here.

Appreciating the items that surround us were status quo decades ago – as was saving for that one piece you really, really wanted to get for your wardrobe. Nowadays, many consumers seem to have lost the contact with the clothing on their backs. And with the bags on their back, for that matter. We want to rejuvenate that sentiment for our wardrobes, especially for the items we invest in. As Monique de Randamie puts it: ‘My contribution to a more sustainable fashion industry is offering investment pieces that people can wear for years. Instead of buying four fast fashion trousers, my customers buy one pair of trousers at Moise.’ Amen.

Enjoy these Love Notes and go ahead, write your wardrobe one as well.

Dear bracelet,

If it would be possible to capture sunbeams and hold them nearby forever, I would. If only.

You are as close as one gets to wearing the sun on her sleeve.

Looking at you, means smiling. You are the heart-warming piece of jewellery every woman needs to brighten up her day, mood and outfit. Therefore I cherish you and hold you closely. Like a good friend, I keep you close to my heart.

Perhaps we can never catch the sun, but we can keep you on our wrists.

That’s enough, for now.

All the main items in this series of Love Notes come from the lovingly compiled collection of Moise, a beautiful fashion boutique in Amsterdam. Monique de Randamie, owner of Moise, about this Marni bracelet:

This is the sunrise captured in a bracelet; look at that orange color and golden lining. What a beauty. A woman’s look can really get an update with bracelets; I always wear them myself. This specific design is both simple and chunky, but modest. No shimmers, no diamonds, no glitters: a true Moise-piece.’


Words & Concept by Lisa Goudsmit
Photography & Concept by Laila Cohen
Styling by Suuz Bisschops @ Angelique Hoorn
Styling Assistant Fayral Ghafoor
Make-up by Yo-kaw Pat
Hair by Blanca Eppinga

Modeling by PanjuaAyesha at Paparazzi Models
BRACELET Marni @ Moise
DRESS Schueller de Waal
TOP Schueller de Waal

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