Love Notes #6 Series by Lisa Goudsmit & Laila Cohen

We love our fashion. Noted. 

Love Notes is a joined project by fashion writer Lisa Goudsmit and photographer Laila Cohen. The series exists of editorial photographs, created with the help of stylist Anne Mertens, and  – of course – love notes. Those small letters express the deep feelings we have for the objects we shine a light on in the photos. Our favourite jeans for example, the ever-perfect striped top, and the parka that makes us feel like we can make it through the rain. (You can start singing here Mariah) Appreciating the items that surround us were status quo decades ago – as was saving for that one piece you really, really wanted to get for your wardrobe. Nowadays, many consumers seem to have lost the contact with the clothing on their backs. And with the bags on their back, for that matter. We want to rejuvenate that sentiment for our wardrobes, especially for the items we invest in. Enjoy these Love Notes and go ahead, write your wardrobe one as well.

Dick Moby

Hello darkness, my old friend

Dear sunglasses,

Well, well aren’t you good-looking. In every way, I mean. With you on I feel a good-looking stud, but you also enable me to see the world in a pleasant manner; ‘looking good’ never had such a literal connotation before. You really make me see the darkness again – in a positive way. When the world in general and the sunlight in particular blinds me, you help me out. You protect me from ultraviolet radiation, but also protect me when I don’t feel like showing everyone my true thoughts and feelings. In that way it is maybe the world you protect from me, because you know how dark my judgement can be sometimes. It can be so comforting to be anonymous and to just shield myself from the world. ‘Hello darkness, my old friend.’ I guess this sounds rather pessimistic so let me also emphasize your jolly-happy-sunny-pink appearance. Your fun and cool design just radiates this 1960s movie star-style. And let’s not forgot your sustainable production process, because helping out the world and saving the ocean from ‘plastic soup’ never looked this good before! So keep shining bright, my dear dark friend.

Hello darkness, my old friend


Hair & Make-up by Erika Nuijten for Charlotte Tilbury & Shu Uemura @ Angelique Hoorn management

Modelling by Amber Max Models

Special thanks to Studio OHK

Jeans KOI

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