Young design / New faces #1: Maxine van Kampen X Matthijs

Photographer Elisabeth de Vires shot eight mini-series on 35mm film inspired by the vibrant personalities of fresh Dutch faces wearing young design. The first in this series was shot with Matthijs @ Known Model Management, wearing Maxine van Kampen. Maxine graduated at Artez in 2017 with her collection named “Félin”. Selected piece: white coat.

I named this collection Félin; French for “cat-like”. Cats have this softness in contrast to their raw edge I find inspiring. There are a few items in the collection made from cat hair. I was looking for an animal-friendly way to develop an extremely soft fabric. I own a cat, a Persian cat named Elin. She is deaf and has bad eyesight, so she is not allowed to go outside by herself. This made her an extremely clean house cat. I have to brush her very often and took her to the hairdresser a few times, but kept all her hair. I figured “I could use it  instead of throwing it out.” 

Because of these unorthodox materials, the craftsmanship and time-consuming details these are not pieces of clothing you buy on a whim. People who are interested in my clothes are so because they fall in love and pay attention. They think before the purchase and would want to keep them for a long time. This isn’t some t-shirt you throw away after a few wears because you don’t really care about it anymore.’

Photography by Elisabeth de Vires @elisabethdevires
Styling by Elise Verhoeven @eliseverhoevenfashion @ Pim Thomassen Agency
Hair & make-up by Elise Langenhuisen @eliselangenhuisen
Lay-out design by Roi Oosterbeek
Hair & make-up assistance by Bobbie Jongejans @bobbiesophie
Styling assistance by Lisa Hartjes

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