Young design / New faces #3: Lawin Ramelinck X Chandra

Photographer Elisabeth de Vires shot eight mini-series on 35mm film inspired by the vibrant personalities of fresh Dutch faces wearing young design. The third item in this series was shot with Chandra @ Elvis Models, wearing Lawin Ramelinck . Lawin Ramelinck is a 29-year-old Fashion Designer who graduated at ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem, Netherlands last year with a dreamy collection of feminine pieces.

Selected pieces:
#Tweed dress
#Lace trousers
#Loose sleeves

Vintage black and white pictures, found in an old 70’s photo formed a starting point to Ramelinck’s collection. The women in the pictures have this dark sensuality about them, wearing long dresses with fitted corsets, and mostly captured with a voyeuristic camera sight, hiding their face behind tulle and lace. ‘I was inspired by the reference to this First French Empire and Romanticism esthetic.’

Lawin titled his collection Aux Merveilleuses. Marvelous women. The Merveilleuses where the female counterparts of the Incroyables, a fashionable aristocratic subculture in Paris in the late 18th century. Merveilleuses greeted the new regime with an outbreak of luxury, decadence, and even silliness. These women are known to be rebellious. They held hundreds of balls and invented new trends in fashion and mannerism. ‘Luxury was at their height. To me, it represents femininity in its highest form’, states Ramelinck.

For example, the herringbone dress was inspired by the traditional corset, with an emphasis on the shape of the hips and waist, to create this hourglass look. The black pants are made from a black French lace, burned and re-stitched. The big white gloves are a contemporary reference to the traditional court gloves that women wore during the end of the 18th century.

In the future, I want to work for one of the couture fashion houses, and learn all there is to know about creating a couture outfit, from the drawings to the seems.”

Or, as he states on his Twitter account. “What would I like to be in another life, if that could happen? Else Schiaparelli.”

Photography by Elisabeth de Vires @elisabethdevires
Styling by Elise Verhoeven @eliseverhoevenfashion @ Pim Thomassen Agency
Hair & make-up by Elise Langenhuisen @eliselangenhuisen
Lay-out design by Roi Oosterbeek
Hair & make-up assistance by Bobbie Jongejans @bobbiesophie
Styling assistance by Lisa Hartjes

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