Young design / New faces #4: Roos Boshart X Sade & Willem

Photographer Elisabeth de Vires shot eight mini-series on 35mm film inspired by the vibrant personalities of fresh Dutch faces wearing young design. The fourth item in this series was shot with Sade and Willem, wearing Roos Boshart. 

Selected piece:
#sealed jeans

Roos Boshart (25) graduated last year from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague with her collection ‘I am a slave of your perception, you are a slave of mine’ in which she explores the borderlines of the human body and its garments.

I always keep in mind that the collection needs to tell a story. My designs are a combination of more wearable pieces and some conceptual statement pieces, which are made in completely different ways. If I make something wearable, I keep in mind that the materials and shapes are comfortable for the body, but in my statement pieces I find it more important to create something that tells the story in a clear way. “

The collection reminds of de-constructivism of early days Margiela; playing with iconic pieces and taking them away from their natural context. At first, the plastic sealed raincoat makes you chuckle a little, but when the vacuum sealed jeans makes it (squeaking) appearance, it kind of makes you wonder; what am I actually looking at right now?

My work is driven by idealism, which results in statement collections where the concept is as important as the garments themselves.” Boshart explains. “I was inspired by the series of self-portraits by Jenny Saville and the vacuum photographs by Haruhiko Kawaguchi. With this collection, I wanted to make a statement en tell a story, even if this means some items are less wearable, or not wearable at all. I need these looks in order to show what happens when the context, in this case literally, is left out. Without its context, things are reduced to their purest and original form; it’s what I want to show by these abstract and two-dimensional garments. “

Words by Anne Dirks 
Art direction Laila Cohen
Photography by Elisabeth de Vires @elisabethdevires
Styling by Elise Verhoeven @eliseverhoevenfashion @ Pim Thomassen Agency
Hair & make-up by Elise Langenhuisen @eliselangenhuisen
Lay-out design by Roi Oosterbeek
Hair & make-up assistance by Bobbie Jongejans @bobbiesophie
Styling assistance by Lisa Hartjes

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